About Monmouth Beach

Monmouth Beach is one square mile, with the ocean to the east and the Shrewsbury River to the northwest. The Sea Bright–Monmouth Beach Seawall is parallel to the ocean. This town has beautiful homes and beach clubs, along with fun restaurants right on the water!



Boyle's Tavern

The first “official” drink in the area — quickly to become the categorical neighborhood bar — was served in 1933, shortly after the repeal of the 18th Amendment on alcohol probation. That June the borough issued a license to Peter and Nora Sheridan to sell “beer” on Willow Avenue. The spot has been known for its “hospitality” ever since.


The Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar at the Channel Club is always a good time year after year. The open air seating on the river with live music, great cocktails and good bar food keeps you coming back


Beach Tavern

Dockside eatery with marina views serving fine surf 'n' turf & cocktails in a convivial atmosphere.